Download Instructions

Payment Methods

Videos can be purchased by credit card (supported credit cards vary by country). Payment is done in US Dollars or in Euro as indicated on the pages. Equivalent amounts in brackets are indicative only.

Videos must be downloaded within 72 hours, then the links will expire.

Once the videos are saved on your computer, you can watch them every time you want. No digital rights protection (DRM) is used. All videos are for private use only. Any other use including copying, resale, file sharing, broadcasting and public performance in whole or in part is prohibited.

Videos can be downloaded from one of the following providers:

  • CatfightShop: click on the CatfightShop link, a new window will open. Select the videos you'd like to purchase and click on the "Add to Cart" button. After payment you'll get an order number, paste in the box on CatfightShop and press Download.
    In the "Download Area" click on "Play or Download" to get the file
  • Clips4Sale: browse the catalog on Clips4Sale, then purchase a single video using the "Buy Now" button or multiple ones using their shopping cart.

Video Formats

Videos are in WMV9 or MP4 H.264 format, as described in the technical specifications of each product. We do not pay any refunds in case your system doesn't support the video format, so check beforehand.

MP4 H.264

Most files use H.264/AVC codecs with an MP4 container (MPEG-4 for short). These files offer the best video quality but they are quite big. You need a fast connection and a recent computer for downloading and playing them.

They usually play fine with various players, including Microsoft's Windows Media Player (latest versions) and QuickTime on MacOs (but they often stutter with QuickTime on Windows, even on ultra-fast computers). If you are having problems, get VideoLAN, it runs on many platforms and it's a great player supporting every known video format. Here is a sample MP4 H.264 video.

WMV Format

WMV is supported on most Windows, MacOS and Linux platforms. You can also try VideoLAN, a good player working on most platforms.

Before buying any video please download and play this sample WMV video (save video locally before playing, usually through right-click menu).