LMN Fights was founded in September 2005 with the goal of organizing female fighting events in Italy. The first LMN event was held in Milan on November 26th 2005.

LMN stands for “Lotta MilaNo”. Is L-M-N too difficult to remember? You may call it “LeMoN”.

Our wrestlers are beautiful models and girls who wrestle in bikinis or topless and they always fight for real: no script, no “customs”, just 100% pure competitive wrestling action. They use the holds they find more effective on their opponents for submitting or pinning, not what customers are asking them to do as a show.

Our events are based in Italy and feature Italian and foreign wrestlers. We often organize matches between different producers and with independent wrestlers. We feel this is the best way to spark the competition and mix different styles, instead of having matches between girls from the same club and accustomed to each other.