LMN05e - Irina vs Valentina

Name: Irina
Years: 26
Country: Romania
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 53 Kg
Name: Valentina
Years: 26
Country: Italy
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 50 Kg

Irina is our champion in her weight class. She trains at the gym every day, she has a good technique (especially a strong headlock) and she can be brutal if it's needed for winning.

Her challenger is Valentina, a very sexy, stubborn and cocky girl, who likes to show off in front of the audience and display her pole dancing skills. She is confident she can beat Irina, using her competitive kick boxing experience and her strong legs.

Both are committed to winning at all costs, they dislike each other and they tease their opponent verbally before and during the match. This match is among the toughest and most aggressive ones here at LMN.

But it doesn't last that long: after two minutes one of the fighters is in trouble, she loses her temper, she slaps her opponent twice and she leaves the mat in rage.

The video includes full interviews with the fighters (in Italian only but you can appreciate their attitude), warm up on the mat and arm wrestling, where you can feel the tension building up between the two fighters.

Note: total wrestling time is 2 minutes only.


Price: $ 12.99 (USD)  [approx € 11.10]
Video Duration: 11 minutes, Encoding: MP4 H.264 1280x720 (418 MB)

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