LMN07a - Asia vs Lara

Name: Asia
Years: 23
Country: Italy
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 54 Kg
Name: Lara
Years: 24
Country: Italy
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 57 Kg

The first match is between Asian and Lara. They remove their shoes, they step on the mat and their are on the ground for armwrestling. Here we go, now it's just a matter of muscles and technique!

Lara was planning a quick and clear victory: quick for not getting too tired in her first match and being still fresh for powerful Sally later on. A clear victory as a message to Sally herself. Will Asia accept to be crashed by Lara? Or are we going to have a surprise, with sweet Asia being able to turn into a real fighter ?


Price: $ 12.99 (USD)  [approx € 11.10]
Video Duration: 14 minutes. Encoding: MP4 H.264 1280x720 (516 MB)

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