LMN07b - Aisha vs Sally

Name: Aisha
Years: 25
Country: Senegal
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 51 Kg
Name: Sally
Years: 30
Country: Italy
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 60 Kg

Sally walks in: tall, muscular, very fit, broad shoulders. Her V-shaped back reminds of body builders and powerful women. Aisha is very different: very very slim, long and thin bones, neverending legs. She walks with the agility of a cat... or a tiger ?

Sally says she had some wrestling training from friends. At home she has a boxing bag and she punches it for releasing her stress. Aisha saw many wrestling matches between men in her home country and she picked up the most effective techniques.

The match starts and Aisha jumps on Sally with aggression, using some effective headlocks. Sally prefers to use her power to outmuscle Aisha.


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Video Duration: 14 minutes. Encoding: MP4 H.264 1280x720 (537 MB)

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